Shireroth likely to quit SCUE

by editor

The Imperial Republic of Shireroth, the fifth largest economy in the Single Currency Unified Economy (SCUE), is expected to leave the monetary union. A resolution to that effect has been submitted in the Landsraad by the Queen of Goldshire, Leng, Elwynn, Amokolia and Uppland.

Defending the proposal, she stated: “It does not, and will not, work for Shireroth, whatever the changes the organization makes. It is the whole system of a currency-based economy that does not work. And that is the one we need to rid ourselves from.

As of yet, no firm statements in support of the SCUE have been voiced, while five Landsraad members have come out decidedly in favour of quitting the organization. Negative sentiments toward the organization seem in part due to the appointment of the controversial Giles Melang as SCUE adminstrator. His brash behaviour pushing for radical reforms to the organisation’s treaty without much care for debate have caused alarm in several member nations.